Finger Paints Nail Polish

Inexperienced people might feel it difficult to pick a great nail polish. But, when it comes to people who have much experience in the world of fashion and beauty, this can be a relatively simpler task. If you are one of those people who like to change their nail polish colour as soon as they change their outfits, then you are on the right page.

Picking the right nail polish is not very easy. You might think that it is a task of three steps: pick up any random colour that matches your outfit, open the nail polish bottle and apply it on your nails. But it is not like that. You need to look into a lot of other factors as well. For example, if a nail polish chips off right on the second day when you apply it, then the nail polish is certainly not a good pick. Apparently, there are various other factors as well, which would affect your decision of a great choice of nail polish.

Finger Paints Nail PolishLacquer, varnish and nail polish are all names for the same product. Before picking up any random nail polish bottle, you need to get prepared for some things. Most of the ladies out there would pick up any random brand of nail polish as long as it matches with their outfit and it is in their range of budget. But, the sad thing is that they forget about the wearability of the nail polish as soon as they see colour of their choice. But, according to a recent research, wearability must be the first thing ladies should consider while buying a nail polish. Chipped nails do not look good no matter how much awesome the colour of the nail polish is.

Finger Paints Nail Polish is one invention which fulfils both the criteria, it is wearable and at the same time, it is available in many colours. You think of a colour and there would be Finger Paints Nail Polish bottle before you. Remember, brand makes difference. The quality of the branded nail polish cannot be matched by the local products that you can avail at the grocery stores.

Once you have chosen a good quality nail polish, the method of applying it would also make a difference. Dry time of nail polish is important, but what is equally important is the cure time. Generally, after 2 minutes of applying nail polish, it appears as dry and people forget to take care of it. They just start doing normal stuff like wearing their shoes and so on. But, this should not be done as the nails are not dry at that time. You would realise it later on, when you would find that nail polish has been destroyed. You should give your nails a cure time of at least 10 minutes. After this much time, nails would look super-sexy.

How to Apply?

•    Clean the area of the nail where the nail paint is to be applied. If there would be dirt sticking to your nails, the nail polish would not be able to show its true colour. You can use a dehydrator while cleaning as dehydrated nails would promote adhesion and the nail polish would stick to the nails easily and would not chip easily.

•    Next, apply a base coat to the nails. This would also promote adhesion.

•    Then, apply the nail polish to your nails carefully. Start from the cuticle of the nail and stop at the tip. Be careful not to spread thenail polish over the skin surrounding the nail. Most of the nail polishes would require a second coat so as to look good.

You might be thinking that if you want to make your nail polish last longer, then you would have to buy some extra products, but they are definitely worth it in case you are a nail polish junkie. And, they would definitely make a lot of difference to the appearance of your nails and you would enjoy the change, especially, when you would get compliments.